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April Showers. New York. Photographed by Bedrich Grunzweig. (1951)

    April Showers. New York. Photographed by Bedrich Grunzweig. (1951)

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    At the heart of all great art is an essential melancholy.
    — Federico García Lorca (via onlylogan)

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    the dear john letter


    between the sugar and the short black
    something like grief came over me

    it was your cafe moralism.
    from london to canada and back
    to coal dust. lungs full of dead gumboots.
    the cost of this and the cost of that.
    the gold bands on white filtered cigarettes.

    stranded there enormous. sad.
    grey on the fringe of the neon.

    in the bathroom
    i noticed the dark rings under my eyes.
    the deepening of the lines on my face.
    the peoples’ palace towel on the rack.
    in the bathroom
    i remembered the only morning of my life ;
    i sat on a tiled verandah
    with a woman in a blue kimono.
    small white boxes of coloured slides
    scattered around us. i was
    holding the slides to the sunlight.

    lately every change
    had scared and changed me.
    through the bathroom window
    a fat girl walked slowly over to a fountain.

    i would rather kick and shout
    than grieve like that.

    Pam Brown
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Alfred Eisenstaedt