1. I Remember - Lisa Hannigan, Damien Rice

  2. 12:20 16th Jul 2014

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    What do you want?
    one asks. To keep what I already have, I say.
    — Jack Gilbert, from Bring In The Gods (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Rain 1950s
Photo: Saul Leiter


    Rain 1950s

    Photo: Saul Leiter

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    Poetry is a principle of power invoked by all of us against our vanishing.
    — Allen Grossman, from Brandeis Now (30 June 2014)

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    but I cannot get over my wonder
    that you come home day after day and offer
    yourself, casually as the evening paper.
    — Ellen Bass, “Backdoor Karaoke” (via lifeinpoetry)